Appointment App

COVRI Appointment App is a comprehensive solution for hospitals making them accessible through mobile phones. This App provides the current and prospective patients and their families’ facility for appointments and First Aid/ Health Tips.

This App can be installed on iPhone and any Android phones device and is highly extensible. This App can be customized to meet a hospital's specific requirements.

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Product  Highlights


Make appointments from your phone, quick and easy. Either call or receive a mobile optimized form that sends email to the appropriate address for scheduling appointments.

First Aid:

Provides natural tips for most common situations like Asthma attack, Bites, Bleeding, Burns, Choking, Heart attack etc. and provides a contact number for emergency.

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Our strategy is to grow our business through strong internal growth combined with selective acquisitions/strategic partnerships with companies that complement our growth engines.

Our business strategy is based on the premise that providing customer delight is the objective of our business enterprise.

Our Partners

COVRI works with alliance partners to offer compelling business propositions for its customers. Our alignment with technology leaders; combined with our domain expertise enables us to provide our customers with world-class solutions that improve business efficiencies and productivity.


Provide affordable and quality products.


Provide innovative strategic solutions in order to be the key technology partners in our clients' success.



COVRI is a team of young professionals providing IT solutions for enterprises. We are based in Hyderabad, the prime location for IT in India. COVRI was established in 2010 with the goal of providing solid and inexpensive SharePoint 2010® solutions.

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